zzz OLD – Home Support / Daily Living

Live independently.
Living your way.
Living with Happiness.

Let us support you in your home.

Living Independently

HappinessFirst wants you to continue to live as independently as possible, while still providing support where needed. So, for example, we can accompany you to the shops, to the post office, completing home tasks or attending a class. Support may be for little tasks or even the big ones like a trip to the hospital or restaurant.

We are also passionate about teaching participants new skills and behaviours to encourage independent living.

HappinessFirst offers assistance with morning and evening routines, after school support and even supervising or assisting with meal preparation.

It truly is amazing how extra support during these routines and times can really make a significant difference in the running of your household and life, including the impact on others living in the home.

Home Tidy-Up

HappinessFirst has a team of experienced staff who can support you with all your professional cleaning and gardening needs.

Available weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even on a once-off occasion.

When your house is tidy and free of clutter, you instantly feel like you can tackle the day more productively.

From gardening support, sorting out your bills and budget, to cleaning out the linen cupboard… and let’s not forget that kitchen pantry! HappinessFirst is able to assist with getting your home sorted, cleaned and organised.

You can do it together with your support person or hire professional cleaners and/or experienced gardeners to get the job done for you.