Employment Pathways

HappinessFirst Social Enterprise focuses on offering meaningful training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities through a range of supported environment business units.

Support with many employment opportunities: Supported Employment, Open Employment, Training & Job Ready Prep

Our HappinessFirst Employee Inclusion Program is designed to ensure that people with all abilities have the opportunity to gain employment and have access to a meaningful career.

HappinessFirst actually employs the participant – yes! They become part of our team!

This is how our Director, Rose Farfalla, gives back to the community. She creates jobs and a sustainable workforce for our HappinessFirst members.

Employees not only get to enjoy casual work agreements and award rates but also on-the-job training and even certified recognition.

Open employment opportunities are also possible. HappinessFirst is constantly building relationships with other companies and organisations in order to open doors for our participants. 

Am I Eligible to Work in a HappinessFirst Social Enterprise Supported Environment?

These are the criteria:

  • Have an approved NDIS plan that includes funding in core supports & employment as a clear goal.
  • Be available to work a minimum of 8 hours per week
  • Be of legal working age
  • Be an Australian citizen residing in Victoria
  • Hold a Disability Pension

We are Social Traders Certified

Yes – HappinessFirst is a proud Social Enterprise! We focus on offering meaningful employment and training opportunities for people living with disabilities through a range of business operations. These businesses provide a supported environment for people living with disabilities to develop their job skills and gain fair supported employment.