Learning for all.
Education for all.
Growing for all.

Together let’s help you learn & grow

With support we could help you learn new skills.  We have a team of dedicated teaching staff ready to help you achieve your learning goals.  It could be learning how to take public transport, cooking a new meal or even completing a TAFE course or Uni degree, we have the skills to support you. 

We offer capacity building in the following areas of learning:

  • Retail Essentials
  • Hospitality Essentials
  • General Life & Wellbeing 
  • Gardening Tips 
  • Cooking Classes
  • Self-esteem, Resilience, Effective Communication & Growth 
  • Social Skills & friendship building 
  • Travel Skills – Public transport, reading maps
  • Socials – Instagram, Facebook, TikTok
  • Make-Up, Hair & Presentation to build confidence 
  • Digital Technology
  • Creative Arts 
  • Financial Literacy
  • Barista Basics
  • Career Planning
  • Health & Community Services Basics
  • General Computer/Technology Skills

Currently we offer the following certificate courses:

  • Use hygienic practices for food safety
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Certificate 2 in Hospitality
  • Certificate 2 in Community Services
  • Certificate 3 in Individual Support

If there are courses you are interested in but which are not listed, connect with us. Tell us what you want and we can help you find the resources to support you.